6 Day Breath Therapy Program (live online)

We are living in Extraordinary times. This is a time to sit; to re-evaluate, to recalibrate. And in my opinion the BEST way to do this is with BREATH!

Not only does the breath have a huge impact on our physiological/mental/emotional bodies for better health and well-being but it can also have a significant influence on your state of being that goes beyond mind and body. It can tap you right to the source that sustains you and provide the clarity that is needed to live your most fulfilling life. This is why i LOVE the Breath!!

In this 6 day program we will dive deep into the breath. We will explore the foundations of breathing and the mechanisms of our breathing apparatus. We will learn ways to stretch and exercise this internal machinery through the ancient practices of pranayama. We will dive into the subconscious and discover what messages our bodies are holding to the light for us to see. We will reach into what makes us tick and what motivates us to keep moving forward. We will cleanse what is no longer serving us and plant seeds for the future. And YOU will take the reigns of your OWN healing. A coming back to remembering that you are in the drivers seat and with these tools you will have everything you need to empower yourself to continue to do this work.

From Monday-Friday we will meet online for about 90 mins from 8am-9:30am concluding the series in a Bonus virtual closing ceremony on Saturday at 8am with a culminating breathwork session.

What you need…

  • A place to write (a notebook/paper & a pen, a computer/tablet/iPad)
  • 2 individual pieces of paper
  • A safe space to practice – surrounded with cushions/pillows and full of comfort
  • A cracked or open window for fresh air
  • An option for a ceremonial candle
  • Preparation to be with yourself for these 6 days. Limiting distractions as much as is practical & asking family/housemates to honour your going inward
  • Abstaining from alcohol & recreational drugs for 6 days
  • Eating as many fresh/whole foods as possible & limiting the foods that lack the nutrition for your body
  • AND finally as my beautiful teacher would say having an openness to “suspending your disbelief or skepticism” & OPEN yourself to the endless possibilities – release your limiting beliefs & move beyond false conditioning and take inspired action to create in the now

During the pandemic I am offering this course (regular price 444 +hst) on a donation basis (suggested donation 1/2 price $222). All Donations received will go directly to the purchase of a gong from Niagara Singing Bowls for future Live and in person Breathwork classes.

*Includes access to videos on breathing techniques, 40 page manual, & continued Online support in our Be With Breath community to help maintain your daily practices.

*No prior experience necessary*

*not suitable for expectant mamas. Caution to be taken with heart disease, epilepsy, significant mental illness (mania, schizophrenia), OR recent trauma*

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