Be With Breath…

Breathwork & Soundbath
Once a month: Monday 8:30-9:45pm @ iGita $25+hst

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Semi Regular @ Inye $30 +Hst

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Be With Om 

Be With Love presents a new series of community acupuncture in combination w/ meditation & sound healing. This practice combines the ancientart of Chinese Medicine with the incredibly soothing practices of calming the mind through guided meditation & sound waves. Together, these practices encourage a parasympathetic response that tends to leave participants a feeling of being relaxed & unwound.

Once a month,  Mon 8-9:15pm @ iGita $50 (insurance receipt provided on request. 

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Sound Healing Meditations 

Meditation to the sounds of the crystal singing bowls with Tiffany McKenzie

Once a month @ Inye Yoga

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Be Connected…

Create Your Daily Practices  

The first step in fostering a stronger, more connected relationship with yourself and further increasing your own vitality is in establishing a daily routine. This course will give you the foundation and encouragement to develop your own personal daily practice with mindfulness, movement and intention setting. Each week will explore the elements and learn together how creating the space in your life to build a long standing habit of daily meditation can provide more balance, peace and clarity. We cannot stop instability from coming in and out of our lives but having tools to overcome whatever crosses our paths is priceless. Join us in our introduction to the School of the First; a process to self knowledge and development. 

April 19 7-9:00pm

April 26 7-8:30pm

May 3 7-8:30pm

May 10 7-8:30pm

@ Inye Yoga $150 +hst

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6 day Detox w/ Breath Therapy  

Dates TBD (inquiry if interested)

This 6 day breath series is an ancient Kriya (detox practice) that essentially is akin to a cleanse of the nervous system. Not only do we strengthen the lungs and physiological processes within the body with particular breathing techniques but we can also dive into creating change on an emotional level. Through this process we begin to be able to look at ourselves objectively. From there we can more easily discern what is working and what is not and then we are further equipped to empower ourselves to make the changes we need to in order to live life as our best selves.

Each day we gather for about 2 hours and together we will move, breathe and reflect. Throughout, participants will learn several different practices that can be used on a daily basis as part of a self-care regimen. To help encourage this a daily planner is included to record detailed technique description of these easy to use tools as well as provide space for journaling and goal setting.

Feel HEALTHIER…gain more VITALITY…EMPOWER yourself… 

*No previous experience necessary – Not suitable for expectant mothers*

$600 +hst

*Options for Private Sessions

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