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I began this journey back in 2008 when I stepped into my first yoga teacher training session and as cliché as it seems I knew that life as I knew it would never be the same. I can remember sending my family an email detailing how excited I was to be on this venture and that I had finally found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life (to which I am sure every member probably rolled their eyes because I had the tendency to bounce all over the place from one idea to the next. The classic “ants in my pants” personality that everyone had come to know as me.) But all these years later I still hold true to those words. It wasn’t in the yoga that I had found my work but in the “helping” that I knew was the direction of my work. I remember fantasizing as a child that I would go on these expeditions around the world helping people but somewhere along the way I let life and fear step inside and I had lost focus of those dreams. That is until I literally stepped into that classroom that it all came flooding back. And since then it has been one exciting experience after the next. I could go on and on about all of these experiences from trainings, to attunements, to appointments with all sorts of different kinds of holistic practitioners, to my own personal deep healing work sessions but I don’t have enough words to even express half of what I would like to and we all have busy lives as it is so I will just give the coles notes of the most important things.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology w/ University of Windsor – 2005
Yoga teacher training w/ Kula – 2009
Thai Massage Training w/ Thai Massage Chiang Mai – 2010
Reiki Level 1 & Level 2 Certifications w/ Kevin Brown in Seoul, SK– 2010 & 2016
Theta Healing Basic DNA Certification in Bali– 2011
Aerial yoga training w/ Unnata in NYC – 2012
Acupuncture and Moxibustion Diploma w/ Eight Branches – 2015
Registered Acupuncturist w/ CTCMPAO – 2016
Pranayama Facilitation Mentorship w/ Jenika Bronson – 2017
In depth Metaphysical & self study w/ 40 days in silence w/ Las Piramides, Guatemala- Dec 21-Mar 21 2018
Breathwork Training w/ Jon Paul Crimi in LA– May 2019 & Nov 2019
Flowbreath Training w/ Angela Ditch – March 2020
Pivot Into Equity w/ Maryam Ajayi & Constanza Eliana Chinea – August 2020
Race Equity, Cultural Appropriation & Integrity w/ Kallie Schut – August 2020
Trauma Certificate Candidate w/ Laurier – July 2021

Doula & Post-Partum Doula w/ Birtharts International – in Progress

*As a footnote I would like to acknowledge that in Traditional Chinese Medicine there is no set specializations because the medicine in itself is very holistic at its roots but I do find that I have a particular interest in mental/emotional health, & healing from stress/trauma through creating balance, understanding, internal strength & self-love.*

Please Note that a central theme of Be With Love is to be able to embrace ourselves fully and in honouring that I acknowledge my own strengths and weaknesses. As a Neurodivergent with ADHD (albeit mostly high functioning) it can sometimes interfere with my correspondence & scheduling. For ease of communication, text or email work best. *And if I happen to not respond within a week, its likely that I put it aside in order to dedicate my full attention and found myself sidetracked. Please feel free to reconnect, I appreciate your advance understanding! 

About Be With Love

Engaging in practices that cultivate love & compassion for oneself & ones own unique process.

“But what is it that you actually do?”

Because my work is so multifaceted I often get broached with this question.

I’m a creative at my core. (Like braving the cold to bring a vision to life). Everything I do comes from that creative lens.

And so…I’m very particular in believing that there is many many ways to approach life & health. So I find it’s really important to discover & connect to whichever avenue works best for each individual.

My tools are predominately breath, acupuncture, meditation, conversation, reiki & sound from the physical perspective of what I do. 

But the objective in using these tools is first & foremost calming the nervous system, disengaging the stress response & then figuring out what the main triggers are so that together we can discuss different mechanisms or coping strategies they can empower themselves with.

Sometimes treatments are all about relaxation & sometimes they are highly engaging conversationally but they are always about helping the body to find calm so that it can do the work that it needs to do to work toward healing itself.

Because our bodies are designed to heal themselves. Think about when you cut yourself & how miraculously it heals. It might leave a scar in its place but to me that is just more proof of how incredible we are especially in our adaptability. 

We may not always be able to reverse or fully heal what ails us but we can absolutely learn to adapt & thrive no matter what life throws at us.

I believe that what we need is love, support, encouragement and sometimes a little outside perspective. Because it can be very daunting trying to figure out this all on our own. It’s too easy to get stuck. To get in our own way.

And so I love the task in figuring out what’s stuck & working through the stagnation so that together we can find flow again.

I love what I do & I feel so much gratitude for having the opportunity to so lovingly with people.

A little love goes a long way! Be with love…in all manners of your life. 

~posted on iG Feb 21, 2021

What Mentees Have Said...

Have I mentioned how grateful I am for all you do for me? Yes, you have been wonderful, extremely helpful, caring, always willing to teach while encouraging me & giving me space to follow my own path. I want to thank you once again for all of that. Who knew how much would happen after that first meditation class and your casual revelation: “yes, you are an empath ”😂 That was the day where it all started. Thank you ❤️. May all the good you do to others go right back to you, amplified, and translated into wisdom, love, guidance and protection, so that you can continue helping to build a better & more awake world 🙏

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