Be With Calm...

Community Acupuncture & Sound Healing

This experience combines the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine based Acupuncture with the incredibly soothing Asian wisdom based practices of meditation & sound to disentangle the mind & free the body. Together, these practices encourage a parasympathetic response that tends to leave participants with a feeling of being relaxed & unwound.

This practice incorporates the use of specific acupuncture points that are indicated for improving stress by calming the spirit & bringing one back into harmony. 

In this 60-75 minute session participants will tap into the yin, surrender into the moment, allow their Qi to do the work & permit the nervous system to settle.

Each participant will lie down comfortably listening to the sounds of meditative music while they await their turn to be needled. Once the acupuncture treatment begins, each person will have the needles in for about 25-35 minutes. During the session, sound healing tools will be integrated throughout. As well as some gentle guided meditation to relax one into the experience. 

*During Covid, Private Community Acupuncture Socially Distanced Parties are being held in lieu of Public classes. Sessions require a minimum of 4 participants to a maximum of 9. $50/person with receipts provided for insurance purposes. 

Private Parties will be held at The Space Oakville or an pre-determined location. For more information or to book click below and choose your method of connection.