Breath Therapy

We are living in Extraordinary times. These challenges that have been brought forth have been a great excuse to take a step back; to see what is working & what is not; to re-evaluate and to then further recalibrate. Since our breath is so wonderfully multifaceted it is a fantastic way to rework & retune our systems to establish the best working order. 

Not only does the breath have a huge impact on our physiological/mental/emotional bodies for better health and well-being but it can also have a significant influence on your state of being that goes beyond mind and body. It can tap you right to the source that sustains you and provide the clarity that is needed to live your most fulfilling life. This is why i LOVE the Breath!!

In this 6 day program we will dive deep into the breath. Combining the ancient wisdoms & the modern understandings; we will explore the foundations of breathing, and the biomechanisms of our breathing apparatus. We will learn ways to stretch and exercise this internal machinery through the ancient practices of pranayama. As well as discuss the latest research with practices to find our most optimal natural breath. We will dive into polyvagal theory and explore the depths of our brain to try and discover the pattens of thought that create our reality. Looking at each level of mind (conscious/subconscious/unconscious) we will work to discover what messages and patterns our bodies are holding to the light for us to see. We will reach into what makes us tick and what motivates us to keep moving forward. We will cleanse what is no longer serving us and plant seeds for the future. And the best part is that YOU can take the reigns of your OWN healing process. Its essentially a coming back to remembering that you are in the drivers seat of how you experience your life and with these tools you will have everything you need to empower yourself to continue moving forward in this vast ever changing existence.

From Monday-Friday we will meet online for about 90 mins concluding the series in a Bonus virtual closing ceremony to be determined by the group & culminating the practice with a pre-recorded breathwork session.

*Not ideal while pregnant. Caution to be taken with heart disease, epilepsy, mental illness (such as psychosis, mania, schizophrenia). Please let me know if there has been a recent trauma or significant trauma. 

What you need…


  • A place to write (a notebook/paper & a pen, a computer/tablet/iPad)
  • 2 individual pieces of paper
  • A safe space to practice – surrounded with cushions/pillows and full of comfort
  • A cracked or open window for fresh air
  • An option for a ceremonial candle
  • Preparation to be with yourself for the week. Limiting distractions as much as is practical & asking family/housemates to honour your going inward
  • Abstaining from alcohol & recreational drugs for a week
  • Eating as many fresh/whole foods as possible & limiting the foods that lack the nutrition for your body
  • AND finally as my beautiful teacher would say having an openness to “suspending your disbelief or skepticism” & OPEN yourself to the endless possibilities – release your limiting beliefs & move beyond false conditioning and take inspired action to create in the now

*Includes access to Be With Breath Drop Box with continually updated files inclusive of numerous videos, extensive manual, & continued support within the Breath Community to help maintain your routines.

Private Breath Therapy

4-12 people

$250 per person for Live Online & Video Recordings

$300 per person for Live In Person & Video Recordings


You chose dates & time! Location can be provided (may include increased fees). Contact me for more information.

Breath Therapy Program

Upcoming Dates TBD

Breath Therapy is Live On Zoom!

*No experience Necessary
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During the pandemic I am offering this course at discounted rates!