Practices with breath are an age old tradition that are quickly becoming well known today for their increasingly recognized HEALTH BENEFITS. Not only are they able to help REDUCE STRESS, stimulate your immune system, activate & restore your nervous system but they can free you from unwanted habits, negative beliefs & behaviour patterns but they ultimately remind us that we have everything we need inside to self-soothe & HEAL OURSELVES.

Therefore it is through breath that we can learn to harness more love, compassion, & respect; for our own selves INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY because we can more readily grasp how we are all similar & connected. All of which in turn can lead further to foster healthier habits that no longer rely upon on the usual culturally accepted soothing/masking/numbing external aids such as food, alcohol, shopping, cannabis, binge watching, cigarettes etc. Instead we are able to connect inward & do the work necessary to find the ongoing healing we came here to do. Consequently it is through these practices that you can gain insight & find clarity….JUST with YOUR BREATH!

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Since breathwork is an ACTIVE practice and HIGHLY STIMULATING, it is not ideal if there are any recent surgeries, or history of aneurisms, glaucoma or major cardiovascular problems. CAUTION is to be taken if pregnant (can practice gently with NO breath holds), history of significant mental illness (Mania, Psychosis, Schizophrenia) or history of epilepsy, asthma and high or abnormal blood pressure. AND FINALLY…the practice can stir up deep seeded trauma/emotion & may require support; if needed please reach out to me or connect with your care givers. *Please note…music is also played at a high volume*

WHAT TO EXPECT: Breathwork is a healing modality that connects you to your breath through specific guided breathing techniques known as OPEN-MOUTHED CONSCIOUS BREATHING. These engaged, purposeful, 2 & 3-part breath patterns fuel your body with vitality, flush your systems & flood it with energy shifting your state of being, and increasing your awareness. Physiologically & physically its almost like your system is getting a boost! AND on the other hand, there can be significant releases of mental and emotional blocks. Breathwork creates an UNBELIEVABLE OPPORTUNITY FOR A SHIFT into your heart/highest self & assists to instill an affect of calm allowing one to come into a beautiful state of neutrality with less of the incessant mental chatter. It’s hard to explain how powerful this type of breathing can be, especially because every experience is different. But if you’re curious & have been hearing the buzz about it; jump in to see what it’s all about! Join me for an adventurous JOURNEY into the unknown…and get ready for a whole new way of being!

PREPARING FOR PRACTICE: You will need a yoga or soft mat to lie on, a pillow/cushion under your knees to support your back a blanket, & an optional eye mask. (You can use a thin pillow under your head). Wear loose, comfortable clothing that is not restrictive. (Ideal to dress in layers because it is possible to get hot or cold or both!) This practice is best done on an emptier stomach. If there is a very recent trauma, please let me know privately before participating.

Private Breathwork Parties

Grab your besties for a journey into breath & bonding.
$200 per session @thespaceoakville, $150 at a location provided (fees for fuel may apply) or $125 for an Online offering. 

You choose the date & time! Contact me for more information.

Live On Zoom

Saturday Dec 12th 10:00 EST
Saturday Mar 20th 17:30 EST
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