Free Daily Practice Program

Free Daily Practice Program

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Its Your Rituals. YOU Design it!

What’s included within the program..

  • How to videos for techniques to incorporate into your personal practice
  • Guided weekly themes to contemplate 
  • Journal prompts for reflection 
  • An example map to help you find your daily morning routines
  • A step by step guide for optional breath practice.

*Its not a requirement to practice daily but COMMITMENT & CONSISTENCY have significant impacts on our focus, our vitality, & our motivation; therefore it is strongly encouraged.

This Program will help you to build routines you can do every single day that have the abilty to shape your day & have a postive effect on your PRESENT reality.

This is a self directed 5 week module based program.

A manual with content will be accessible via Dropbox.

*Feel free to download the manual but please respect the time and education that went into creating this material. It is not to be reproduced or shared. 

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Build your Daily Practice...

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