Through the years I have decided that I want nothing more than to live as authentically as I can so honesty has become a really big part of my life. With this is mind I find it challenging to marry what my idea of what I want to represent in my website and what a website “should” be like. And the truth is that the more I sit with myself in silence and the more I get to know me the less and less I become concerned about the “shoulds” in life. I just want to be me and I want to inspire those around me to do the same. This is my goal in my teachings and in my treatments. We all have our insecurities and our strengths, we just need to learn to appreciate and embrace all aspects of ourselves and “be with love” unconditionally. This is what meditation is to me.

To be completely honest my seated meditation practice varies from strong to a struggle but meditation is infused in so many elements of my life. The more I connect the more I want to learn more and the more I want to get quiet and still. I believe meditation can truly be one of the greatest gifts when we learn to take the pressure off and just simply be present and surrender.

It is theorized that it takes just 20 mins of a meditative practice to come into what is coined as the Relaxation Response; a nervous system state that engages an internal sense of calm. This is what I personally strive for daily because I see the benefits from the difference of when I do not get that time to myself. As mentioned, it is not always easy and sometimes it does not happen the way I would hope it does but there are tools that we can use to increase of chances of coming to a dedicated practice.

#1 is scheduling it in, wake up 25 mins earlier than you need or go fit it in before falling asleep. If you make it a natural part of your daily routine, you are less likely to miss it.

#2 is using a daily habit tracker, the more visual it is, the more likely you are going to check it off of your list.

#3 is “Don’t stress about it!” If it is going to stress you out to engage with the practice it might be better to come back to it when you have the mental, emotional and physical space for it. You are far less likely to do it if it is not enjoyable.

#4 is setting yourself up for success. Make sure your space is comfortable and distraction free.

#5 is working on not taking yourself too seriously. If you need to move your body, MOVE your body!

#6 is taking it one minute at a time. There is no race and no rules for your own personal practice (Yes there are very specific meditation practices that are strict and have distinct features and responsibilities but if you are just starting out give yourself permission to go in slowly).

#7 is ALWAYS practicing kindness and compassion for yourself and your process. AND let that shine out into the world.

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