It is from my perspective that breath is a key element to our health and wellness. It is through focused and conscious breath that we can increase function, longevity and bring about emotional balance. It might come as a surprise that it is very common that the average individual is only breathing at 10% of the lungs capacity. Life stresses & emotions, ailments, misalignments, you name it, and it probably has an affect of your natural birth given breath. Instead we find a more shallow breath that of course keeps us functioning but not necessarily at our most optimal level.

We all know we breathe, we all know it is essential but how often do you pay attention to your breath? Unless we are given reason it is most likely that it doesn’t often cross the mind because it is such an innate process that will happen whether we think about it or not. And it is this reason that yoga works so well. A vast majority of the benefit of a yoga practice is because of the influence of concentrated full breaths that are in turn increasing the amount of oxygen to our cells, our organs and especially the brain. This is the calming affect that most people speak of when they mention their yoga practice. Of course there are the added physical benefits but the breath is the foundation of any yoga practice.

There are 8 different limbs of yoga, asana (the physical postures) being one of them and pranayama is another. With pranayama the focus is specific to breath work practices. It is through these breath exercises that we are able to bring our inhales and exhales back to their full 100% capacity. In turn receiving the maximum benefit to our health. Not only will the physical body function on higher physiological level but it also has resounding affects on the emotional state. Since the breath is the one involuntary process that we can actually take conscious control of we are able to start taking the reigns on a subconscious level and rewrite some of our old stories, our old patterns and release some of those sticky bad habits that you know don’t serve you but you can’t quite kick.

This is all possible and through something as simple as breath! It truly has had the most profound affect on my life and I am thrilled to be sharing the golden wisdom of ancient pranayama practices.

I offer one of one sessions, workshops (2-3 hours sessions 1-3 days long), and a 6 day pranayama workshop/retreat that is aptly described as a master cleanse for your nervous system with a wide range of other benefits that are continuously ongoing. However the goal of all of these sessions is to bring in a daily breath work practice that has long lasting impact.

Sessions are based in a 100/hour
Workshop prices depend on type and location (inquire through email).

6 day workshop includes a 90 min. session daily for 6 consecutive days (concluding in bonus closing ceremony with a breathwork session)

Private Session – $1111
Couples or Semi-private 2 people- $600/person
3 or more – $500/person

Live Online – $444

50% off during Covid

Also offering 6-11 day retreats with stay included (inquire through email).


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