Cosmetic Acupuncture

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, beauty, although largely objective comes from the inside and this is the major premise behind cosmetic acupuncture. There are many tenants that explain that when you are healthy on the inside you too will show good health on the outside. Further, in any diagnostic process in Traditional Chinese Medicine skin is used as a tool to help determine one’s overall state of health. It is through the colour, the texture, the luster/moisture etc. that we can get a good sense of what we as practitioners/acupuncturists can personally do to bring more balance into the body which in turn brings more life and quality back into the skin. Of course results vary from person to person and case to case because there are so many factors that determine our health such as sleep patterns, hydration, nutrition, exercise, stress ect. However, it is my treatment goal to work together with you to help develop a detailed plan to achieve the highest results possible for your body on top of the treatment sessions. Each treatment encourages first and foremost bringing the body into balance, secondly it works to tone the muscles by stimulating their natural functions. And finally, it helps to fill in the gaps left by fine lines by promoting the bodies natural collagen production. All while bringing on that natural glow.

Sessions are 75 mins in length and are $125.

The treatment protocol varies largely from person to person but it is suggested to have a minimum of 2 sessions a week for up to 4-5 weeks to begin with subsequent treatments once a week/once a month/bi-monthly to maintain lasting results.


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