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Be With Love Breath & Meditation Mentorship Program Live Online

Next session coming Jan 2023 

In Person the Daily Dose classes @Amaroo

Mondays 9:15 – 10:15am

Acupuncture & Restoration

$50 per person located @thespaceoakville on the last Friday of every month.

Looking for gift ideas?

Malas on sale $80

Dreamcatchers $30-$60

15% will be donated to the communities from which these traditions originated to recognize & honour the cultures from which they came.

Cultural appropriation vs. Cultural appreciation is something that has and continues to be on my mind when it comes to creating these pieces.

I make them because of the impact they have had in my life and a love for the creative expression that rises within.

And so I thank those who came before me with these wisdom traditions & vow to do my part in continuously supporting, uplifting & honouring the land, the people & the traditions.


What is offered...


From the remarkable Chinese Traditional Medicine; these crafts are brimming with benefits.


Bodies were built to move!
There practices are rooted in the art of yoga, strength & mobility.


A journey of breath through a number of opened mouth techniques sure to impress.


“Nothing can make you happy until Nothing can make you happy” ~ Jeff foster


The ancients knew the power of breath & gifted these powerful practices to heal & restore.

Doula Services

Supporting families through the birthing process; from labour to deliver.

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An excellent self care regimen. Acupuncture gives your body an opportunity to rest; to calm the sympathetic nervous system & work toward equanimity. 

Breath & Meditation

The benefits of controlled conscious breathing & mindfulness based practices are unmistakable. Since breath is our access point to our nervous system we can use these awarenesses as a wonderful coping tool for the inevitable stresses of life.

Doula Services

Offering support through labour & delivery; having a doula can provide you with comfort techniques, guided breathing cues, encouragement & motivation to remind you that you are stronger than you think you are!

What Clients Say About Breath?

Amazing class Lori!! I found that after the exhale when I held my breath, the universe would flash me!! Wowza!!! I was in that place of nothingness & everythingness at the same time...I love it there!!!
Of all the therapy experiences I have tried - this one was by far my favourite. In comparison, typical therapy focuses on the mind - and so much of the work is cerebral - it can be emotionally exhausting and take weeks and months to experience a breakthrough. This work, on the other hand - didn’t feel like work. Learning new ways to unlock the magical potential of our breath helped us to release old unwanted patterns, discover our inner fire, and set ourselves up to plant the seeds for the next chapters in our lives.
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